Neighborhood Discounts

We offer a neighborhood discount if you and your neighbors are all scheduled in advance on the same day, and all neighbors have pre-paid.

Here's how it works:

  • One homeowner in the neighborhood is the "main contact and scheduler" for the neighborhood
  • The main contact discusses the program with his/her neighbors
  • The main contact provides us with a list of neighbors (names, addresses, phone numbers, & emails) who want to be in the discount program
  • We agree on a date with the main contact person
  • Pro-Turf will send a mass email to anyone who has an interest based on the final list
  • Date and price will be provided and everyone must contact us to pre-pay by the due date after they have turned their water off
  • We will provide the winterizing services for everyone who has pre-paid, on the specified day*


-Water must be off to take advantage of this program.

-If water is not off, and no one is home to shut it off, we will reschedule and there will be an additional charge.

-If we need to book an appointment for inside access, the system is not eligible for the discount.

-We always recommend you turn off your water prior to making the pre-payment so you don't forget.

*We cannot offer discounted pricing for neighbors who want a different date from the group*


4-6 Neighbors- Save $10 each
7+ Neighbors- Save $15 each

Final price for each system will be based on the total number of zones. See pricing on the home page.

If we have to book an inside appointment, a discount cannot be applied to the charge. 

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